Consultant to evaluate health care project in Lebanon

About Björkåfrihet

Björkåfrihet (earlier Emmaus Björkå) is a Swedish solidarity organisation that has worked against colonialism, imperialism and occupation since the organisation was founded in 1965. During the past strategic period our focus areas have been Palestine and Western Sahara, as well as neighbouring countries where Palestinians and Sahrawis live as refugees. In Sweden we operate six second-hand stores in the greater Malmoe and Gothenburg area. The revenue from the second-hand sales is used to fund the cooperation with our partners in Palestine, Western Sahara, Lebanon and Algeria, as well as our solidarity work in Sweden. We also receive funding from Swedish back donors such as the Swedish Institute and ForumCiv. We are certified by “The Swedish Fundraising Control” (


One of our interventions in Lebanon involves providing support to Human Call Association (HCA) Al-Nidaa hospital, in Ein El-Hilweh Camp, Saida. The support aims at providing secondary healthcare services for refugees and others living in Ein Al-Hilweh and neighbouring areas.

Björkåfrihet seeks a consultant to evaluate HCA’s project “HOPE: Healthcare Opportunity for People of Ein El-Hilweh”. The consultant should bring knowledge and inform Björkåfrihet on HCA’s results as well as the current capacity, development of the organisation and recommendations for future projects.

Purpose and Scope of Work

The purpose of this consultancy is two-fold; 1, to conduct a thorough follow-up and evaluation of the project “HOPE: Healthcare Opportunity for People of Ein El-Hilweh” in HCA’s Al-Nidaa hospital, in Saida, Lebanon. 2, asses and analyse the development of the hospital in relation to its strategic goals including partnering with UNRWA.

The evaluation should include:

  • Review of the annual and financial report including the latest audit report (including meetings with the financial manager and the auditor)
  • In-depth interviews with HCA’s management to inform Björkåfrihet about the current capacity of HCA and to evaluate the current support
  • Assessment and analysis of the development of the hospital in regards to number of patients and long-term strategy to sign a contract with UNRWA
  • Analyse the cost-effectiveness of the project in relation to number of patients, treatments given and other health providers
  • Interviews with relevant stakeholders UNRWA, UNDP and Lebanese ministry of Health
  • Assessment of the new COVID ICU and how that effects the possible partnership with UNRWA
  • Analyse the health-awareness sessions conducted by HCA within the Seeds of Independence program

The results of the follow-up and evaluation as well as recommendations should be presented in a written report.

The consultant will work independently, though under direction of and in collaboration with Björkåfrihet’s team (program officer and head of international cooperation). Björkåfrihet will share all relevant documents of this project and facilitate contact with HCA. It is the consultant’s responsibility to coordinate with HCA and schedule field visits and appointments for interviews.


At the end of this assignment, the consultant is expected to submit a written report reflecting the results of this evaluation. The report should include recommendations to guide the decision on future projects.


The duration of the consultancy is approximately one week on site and a few additional days for preparations and report writing. The findings and report of this assignment shall be sent according to agreement, but no later than August 1st 2022.

Financial framework

Consultancy fees shall be specified as fees per day including taxes, social security contributions and VAT. Please include all relevant costs including travel, material etc

The payment will be conducted after the successful submission of the final report of this assignment.


The consultant should have:

  • Minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience in project management, LFA and RBM;
  • Demonstrated expertise in monitoring and evaluation, particularly in the field of governance, rule of law, civil society engagement, democratic reform and health;
  • Experience and knowledge in design, planning, monitoring, and evaluation of projects and programs
  • Fluency in Arabic and English;
  • Knowledge of the Lebanese context and especially the situation for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon

The selection will be done by Björkåfrihet. The expert will be evaluated against a combination of technical and financial criteria. Educational background, relevant experience and methodology will be taken into consideration. During the selection process, Björkåfrihet could ask the consultant to participate in a phone/online meeting to answer questions regarding the tender.


Interested and qualified candidates are requested to apply (either as a team or individually). The application package should include the consultant’s CV and a work plan including the following information:

  • A proposal for the work to be performed
  • Timeframe of the assignment in accordance with the points specified in this ToR
  • Fees incl. VAT inclusive all expenses in accordance with notes under cost.

Applications are accepted via email only. Please send your application package to Deadline to send your application is May 1st 2022.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Linda Nordby: + 46 (73) 369 36 59